Their parents are our target audience from schools all over SA

Reach your future customers on a platform trusted by parents and schools alike.  These parents are business owners and household decision makers.

AWSUM News delivers the biggest audience of parents in SA

Quick facts:

  • Our readers are the parents of children in 2000+ quintile 3 and 4 (old model C) & private schools in S.A

  • 22 quarterly regional newspapers featuring school news from more than 650 schools in S.A

  • 20+ tabloid special editions published for bigger interschool derby events

  • One annual career guide providing information to life after school aimed at grade 12 learners

  • Our readers are LSM 7-10 QR Code Magic AWSUM School News is proud to be South Africa's leading school news platform

  • Reach a receptive audience eager to discover new offerings and make informed decisions.

  • Your brand will be associated with quality content, establishing credibility

  • Newspapers are also published online - Schools share this on their social media handles and internal digital school communication channels.

  • Daily school news website:

Read daily school news online at

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